Orange City Library

Three Orange City pastors take public stand against books promoting homosexality/transgenderism targeting children.

Activist library director with support of library board purchased dozens of homosexual/transgender books; many aimed at our young children, using our tax dollars.


Northwestern College

We look to Jesus for His wisdom, not for his atonement.

Muslims and Christians worship the same God, just different perceptions.

LGBT affirming group called LEAP.

Dordt College

Science prof rejecting literal Adam and Eve, global flood

LGBT affirming group called OASIS* -- supported by chaplain and college president. (*OASIS may not be meeting under this name currently)

Aaron Baart - Dordt Dean of Chapel

Twelve false teaching charges.

"Christians should be at the front of the gay pride parade."

"The Bible isn't finished speaking on homosexuality."

Cheered by LGBT activists.

Thanked by speaker who said same-sex relationships can be 'holy.'

Unity Christian High School

"All of us within the Unity family struggle... with our own sexual identity."

Unity's new position statement opens the door for openly gay groups at school.

Western Christian High School

Area church asks school to stop chapel with evolution speaker.

Reformed Church of America

Local churches not speaking out against Room for All, a group promoting full acceptance of practicing homosexuals in the RCA.

American Reformed Church produces much of the anti-Christian activism in Orange City.

Christian Reformed Church

Churches will not stand up to evolution and the LGBT agenda being pushed into the CRC.