OC Pride Activism Spawns from False Teaching”

Why are so many activists for homosexuality coming out of Northwestern College and RCA Churches? Just talk to a few RCA Pastors, NWC administration or professors and ask a few questions.  

Are homosexual actions sin? Is gay marriage OK or is it required to be one man, one woman? 

YIPE! You can’t get two-thirds of the Classis in the RCA to agree that homosexual sex acts and gay marriage are sinful. 

Are homosexual desires (orientation) sin?   

Can you look with sexual desire at someone of the same sex? 

When someone “struggles” with same-sex desires, should they repent of those desires because they are sinful desires? 

When the gospel says you can be “born again”, “desires renewed”, “no longer under bondage to sin”, “a new creation” does this apply to homosexual desires? 

Yipe! The official position of the denomination is NO, they state it is a concrete life situation, and trying to change their desires to Biblical heterosexual desires doesn’t work and is harmful. RCA position statements even call the conservatives to repent for not accepting and affirming our “homosexual brothers and sisters in Christ.” 

So this is the problem in our RCA Churches and NWC. Once you buy into the concept that it is Biblically not sinful to be an open homosexual, or a “gay Christian” as long as you are not openly committing the sexual actions, then how can they speak against the “Un-official” LGBT promoting group at NWC. Or the professors at the OC Library advocating for LGBT indoctrinating books. 

You can’t speak against something you halfway support. Then they don’t have the gumption to excommunicate or fire the activists. 

To complicate this further. Many in the RCA are receiving large doses of misleading, scripture twisting teaching. 

All sins are equal, (true in one sense, false in another. Coveting is a sin of the heart only, homosexuality is worse because it also involves our bodies and violates God’s created order.) 

We are all sinners (yes, but leaving out the heaven and hell distinction that only some are repentant.) 

Do not judge (true for those outside the Church, false for those inside. See 1 Cor:5.) 

God loves us just as we are (true in one situation, false in many.) 

Love your neighbor (true, but those who persecute the faithful Church are enemies for the sake of the Gospel, and homosexual activists who claim to be Christian and are leading others astray are deemed false teachers we should not even eat with them according to scripture.)

We are certainly thankful that President Christy expressed the RCA conservative faction view and stood up for one man, one woman marriage, but he didn’t say that homosexual orientation, desires or “Pride” was sin. Or that we won’t have open homosexual orientation or homosexual Pride groups on our campus. President Christy left the door open to EVERYTHING except actual homosexual activity.

This is the big, obvious issue President Christy; how much good does it do to say one man, one woman when you have a host of professors advocating for the opposite view on your campus, and spawning numerous NWC related activists to push OC Pride on our city and in the library targeting our children? 

There are numerous clear examples of professors on campus openly advocating for homosexuality, yet they remain in positions of power on your Christian College campus.

RCA Denominational website statements:

The church should make a genuine effort to understand homosexuality. The church must be willing to understand and deal with the concrete life situation in which [the homosexual] finds himself. There is much we do not know about homosexuality, but we do know that it is a complex phenomenon (MGS 1979: 130-131). 

 Many of the churches within the Reformed Church in America have not provided an environment where persons have felt the acceptance and freedom to struggle (not meaning repentance) with hard issues involving sexual orientation. Many Reformed Church in America members have shown no interest in listening to their heartfelt cries as they struggle for self-acceptance and dignity. 

To this end, the General Synod calls the church to a process of repentance, prayer, learning, and growth in ministry.  

Synod also voted for a change to the Book of Church Order (BCO), mandating that consistories or governing bodies “shall assure that marriages in a church or congregation are between a man and a woman.” Neither constitutional amendment achieved the required approval of two-thirds of the classes (MGS 2017, pp. 41-42).