American Reformed produces liberal activists in Orange City

The following five examples of activism are coming from American Reformed Church members:

(Image from Facebook)
  1. Amanda Vazquez — Orange City Library Director. Initiated ordering and displaying/promoting of dozens of pro-transgender/pro-homosexual books aimed at Children and young people using our Orange City tax dollars. Also promotes pro-abortion women’s march, socialism, illegal immigration, Black Lives Matter and other liberal causes through social media. Vazquez wanted to have the Orange City Library be an official sponsor for OC Pride, but that was not allowed. View at least a partial view of recently acquired books and videos promoting or normalizing transgender/homosexuality:

(Image from Facebook)

2. Kim Van Es — Elder of American Reformed Church. Northwestern College professor. Chair of Sioux County Democrats. Brought Planned Parenthood to the Old Factory to promote acceptance of abortion in Orange City.

Van Es wrote progressive Christians look to Jesus for his wisdom, not for his atonement. See full article here: Progressive Prof denies need for Jesus’ atonement.

3. John Hubers — Northwestern College professor. Contends Muslims worship same God as Christians. Enthusiastic Obama supporter and pro-Palestinian.

4. Steve Mahr — OC Pride organizer. Orange City’s first celebration of homosexuality and transgenderism. Working with Amanda Vazquez, requesting numerous transgender/homosexual promoting books using our tax dollars. Promoting Black Lives Matter from American Reformed Church pulpit.

5. Dr. Gerald Van Es — Board member of Room For All, an organization in the Reformed Church of America that promotes full inclusion of practicing homosexuals.

Link to Room For All: Room For All