Dordt Dean of Chapel backing pro-abortion, pro-LGBT candidate

We’ve reported Dordt Dean of Chapel Aaron Baart’s idea that Christians should be at the front of the gay pride parade.

Now Aaron Baart, and his wife Nicole, are in full fledge campaign mode for abortion-supporting, LGBT-ally J.D. Scholten.

As Christians, we at PRI recognize the importance of the right to life, which is taken away every time a baby is killed inside the walls of an abortion clinic.

Scholten, who Aaron Baart has encouraged people to donate money to, doesn’t believe in the right to life. In fact, Aaron Baart’s candidate of choice said he has no clue when life begins. 


Aaron Baart’s candidate was asked if a pregnant woman were present, and the interviewer punched her, would his response be “Oh my God, you damaged her fetus!” — or would you be thinking, “Wow! He just killed a baby.”

Aaron Baart’s candidate replied: “More the fetus.”

And when Iowa passed a bill to protect babies once a heartbeat is detected, Aaron Baart’s candidate quickly criticized it.

“The one thing that I’m sure of is that nobody in D.C., should be making that decision for women in this country. I stand for women’s rights.”

Clearly Aaron Baart’s candidate believes in standing for and defending a woman’s right to kill her preborn baby. He has demonstrated that over and over.

Aaron and Nicole Baart aren’t the only folks behind Scholten — they share the preferred candidate with Elizabeth Warren.

Aaron Baart’s candidate pledges his full support to the homosexual and transgender movement. He is “against discrimination” on the basis of sexual orientation — which is code for Christians being forced to abandon their sincerely held religious beliefs.

Shockingly, this doesn’t fall out of line with Aaron Baart’s own comments on the matter.