Baart: False teaching charge #1

Aaron Baart’s chapel from March of 2015 elicited a number of charges brought against him for false teaching. This is the first charge:

The first charge comes from Baart’s claim that Christians can hold one of any six positions regarding sexuality. Baart said “these are different perspectives within the family of God, and those who follow Christ.”
Then he read position six, which says:
“Many sexual variants are valid. Same-sex attraction/orientation is a created variant as ‘normal’ as heterosexuality. Sexual orientation is an expression of creation variety. Celebrate one’s sexuality as part of just and consensual relationships (not necessarily monogamous or lifelong.)”
Baart added “this chart helps us understand our Christian brothers and sisters a little better.”
Position six is not a Christian view. Apostate denominations like PC-USA and ELCA do not go this far.The Bible teaches only male and female. Bart is saying it is a Christian view to believe “many sexual variants are valid.”
In this view sexual immorality has no bounds (except consent), and since it says that sexual actions don’t have to be monogamous or in committed relationships, this gives license to orgies or basically any consensual sexual immorality.
Romans 1:26-27 says that homosexual desires/actions are a manifestation of God’s wrath — not an expression of pre-fall “creation variety.”
Baart is flatly contradicting a host of scripture that calls sexual immorality sin, a Kingdom excluding sin if not repented of.
This is false teaching.
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