Baart false teaching charge #6

This is part six in a series of charges stemming from Aaron Baart’s chapel service from March of 2015 regarding sexuality. This is the sixth charge:

Aaron said that inspiration doesn’t mean that God is finished speaking… that there is a possibility that we don’t stand under the authority of scripture… we may not understand what the Bible really says about homosexuality… because the kingdom is still coming.




With these statements, Aaron denies the perspicuity of Scripture and sounds like a modern dispensationalist. With these statements, Aaron flatly contradicts Article 7 Belgic Confession of Faith.

BCF Art 7

The sufficiency of the Holy Scriptures, to be the only rule of faith.

We believe that those Holy Scriptures fully contain the will of God, and that whatsoever man ought to believe, unto salvation, is sufficiently taught therein. For, since the whole manner of worship, which God requires of us, is written in them at large, it is unlawful for any one, though an apostle, to teach otherwise than we are now taught in the Holy Scriptures: nay, though it were an angel from heaven, as the apostle Paul saith. For, since it is forbidden, to add unto or take away anything from the word of God, it doth thereby evidently appear, that the doctrine thereof is most perfect and complete in all respects. Neither do we consider of equal value any writing of men, however holy these men may have been, with those divine Scriptures, nor ought we to consider custom, or the great multitude, or antiquity, or succession of times and persons, or councils, decrees or statutes, as of equal value with the truth of God, for the truth is above all; for all men are of themselves liars, and more vain than vanity itself. Therefore, we reject with all our hearts, whatsoever doth not agree with this infallible rule, which the apostles have taught us, saying, Try the spirits whether they are of God. Likewise, if there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house.

When Aaron makes these statements, he wants us to understand his statements as the way of humility, when it is actually the oldest trick in the book — Genesis 3:1 — when Satan said ‘did God really say?”

Yes, the Bible is perfectly clear on homosexuality. Aaron’s teaching has won the applause of pro-homosexual groups like OASIS (the unrepentant, openly homosexual student group on Dordt’s campus — now meeting under no name). We’re sure Hollywood and the Democrats would approve as well. We who adhere to the Scriptures and Confessions call this false teaching.

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