Baart tells Dordt students Jesus didn’t say anything about homosexuality

This is part eight in a series of charges stemming from Aaron Baart’s chapel service from March of 2015 regarding sexuality. This is the eighth charge:

Aaron says Jesus didn’t say anything about homosexuality.

Aaron doesn’t tell the audience of impressionable Dordt students that Jesus clearly reinforced the Biblical moral sexuality standard which obviously condemns homosexuality.

Consider the following analogy — both the rule book and the referee agree the players must stay in bounds. There is a clearly defined line. Aaron is saying the referee didn’t say anything about jumping up into the stands while keeping the ball in play, so it must be OK.

The rule book is the Bible, and Jesus is the referee. Both say that sexual purity of heart, mind and actions is God’s standard. By this same logic we could say that because Jesus didn’t mention bestiality then it must be OK as well. Or maybe not ‘ideal,’ according to Aaron. Maybe ‘God isn’t finished speaking on bestiality’ either!

As Christian Reformed Church members, we are not “red letter” Christians (see BCF 3, 4, 5 & 7).

It is false teaching to imply that because Jesus didn’t speak on a particular issue that it is not a clear salvation issue expressed infallibly through the apostles and prophets in another portion of Scripture. This is a common tactic of antinomians.

Aaron mockingly sings a little song “they will know we are Christians by our anti-homosexuality.” In answer to Aaron’s question, why do (true) Christians self describe as anti-homosexuality?

This can best be answered with a quote by a Dordt administrator… who said something to the effect of… We are forced to address this issue of homosexuality because the liberals in our denomination are trying to shove the acceptance of homosexuality down our throats… the Bible is clear.. it is sin.

Does this mean we are not gracious or unloving? No! We are just concerned because people like Aaron Baart are treating homosexuality like the color of skin, instead of sin.

Aaron distorts John 8 (the woman caught in adultery).

This historical narrative was a test/trap for Jesus set up by the Pharisees to ensnare Jesus to violate either Roman or Mosaic Law. When Jesus says “neither do I condemn you” He is referring only to the temporal death penalty by stoning, brought now with no witnesses or accusers. He states go and sin no more and certainly does not condone or diminish the sin of adultery (as this would contradict other Bible passages). Jesus was not against the Law, He fulfilled it. If this woman would confess and repent of her sin, she could have new life in Christ and avoid eternal punishment in hell.

The way that Aaron uses this passage, Jesus would lead the “Adultery Pride Parade” and Jesus would put himself between the woman and the Jews carrying signs that said “You must repent of adultery”.

There are many scriptural passages that specifically speak about homosexuality and they all condemn it as a heinous sin, why did Aaron not mention any of these?

(As a parenthetical note: we nor any Christians we know are calling for the death penalty for homosexuals.)

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