Baart praised by LGBTQ activist

Baart offers words of ‘comfort’ to LGBT activist

In 2007 Equality Riders visited Dordt College. School administration gladly welcomed the Riders on campus for open, Christian dialogue.

Rod Gorter, who was Dordt’s Dean of Chapel at the time, drew criticism from Matt Comer, a progressive LGBT activist.

“Rod Gorter outlined the college’s so-called biblically-based policies and the various passages on which these policies are based, including the ‘clobber passages,’ verses and passages throughout the Bible which have been used throughout history to oppress and malign LGBT people,” Comer wrote.

But Comer had high marks for the future Dordt Dean of Chapel, Aaron Baart.

“(Baart) used his time to apologize for the misgivings and short-comings of the church in regard to how it has treated LGBT people and how it has continued to focus so heavily on LGBT people but how it then forgets to chastise themselves for sins that they believe St. Paul condemns just as equally. Rev. Baart’s words were comforting — to an extent — and I appreciate so greatly that he was willing to step up and admit that, yes, the church had definitely messed up and come short of fulfilling the love and Gospel of Christ.”

Quite the contrast in reviews for former Dean of Chapel Pastor Gorter and current Dean of Chapel — Pastor Baart.

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