Breen: You are actually bigoted if…

Tim Breen, the Pastor of First RCA Orange City,  gave a sermon The Cross and the Rainbow  on Oct. 23, 2017 around the time of Orange City’s first Homosexual/Transgender Pride event. Pastor Breen appears to be unaware that a large portion of his congregation and the historic Christian view on homosexuality is actually falling into the category he labels as “unthinking Christians or Bigots!

Tim Breen says you’re a bigot if:

1) “If you are convinced that homosexuality is a sin, and there is no discussion to be had.”

PRI’s view: The bible already discussed it and took a position on homosexuality thousands of years ago, although the Queen James version of the bible cuts these parts out, all the authentic versions of the Bible call it sin… no discussion! Until recent decades it was honestly not discussed or mentioned in polite company. Now we are labeled as bigots if we don’t want to discuss acceptance of homosexuality in the Church! Later we will learn that Pastor Breen thinks the Bible isn’t clear on the subject of homosexuality, so that there are a whole bunch of possible answers.)

2) “If you don’t believe that homosexuality is a ‘thing.'”

PRI’s view: Though we are not sure what ‘thing’ means to Pastor Breen, we suppose conservative Christians may call it a ‘sexual immorality’ thing.

3) “If you think homosexuality is gross and abhorrent.”

PRI’s view: Abhorent isn’t a nice word, but the biblical terminology — “vile passions” or an “abomination”, are fairly similar to “abhorrent.” In keeping with Breen’s assertion, Moses and the Apostle Paul were clearly ‘bigots’ for using these words!

What about “gross?” In the 16th century it was considered inappropriate and obscene even to mention homosexuality, that is why it is referred to in Heidelberg Catechism Q/A 87 euphemistically as “unchaste.”

John Calvin in his commentaries on related Biblical verses describes both the homosexual actions and the desires as “monstrous,” “polluted,” “most filthy and detestable.” We can deduce Breen would add at least John Calvin to the bigoted group of ‘non-thinking Christians.’

4) “If you would be fine with me preaching a lengthy, one-sided sermon (diatribe) against the sin of homosexuality.”

PRI’s view: Kevin DeYoung, former assistant pastor of FRC, certainly did. He wrote a 150-page, one-sided book ‘diatribe’ on the subject called What Does The Bible Really Teach About Homosexuality.

If you read this book and his commentary on the catechism, The Good News We Almost Forgot, you will find that Rev. Kev meets all six of Breen’s criteria for ‘unthinking christians’ and his definition of a bigot. (Except point #2, because we don’t know what Breen means by ‘a thing.’)

5) “If you use God’s word as part of the lengthy sermon ‘diatribe’ on homosexuality.”

PRI’s view: Did Pastor Breen really say that — it would be a misuse of God’s Word to ‘preach a diatribe’ against homosexuality! Breen intends to accept most of homosexuality at FRC, just not the overt practice. If you  examine the scripture verses, they condemn both the orientation (inclinations and desires) as well as the physical homosexual actions.

Breen will not examine the numerous passages in God’s Word that directly address sexual immorality and homosexuality in detail because they would be considered ‘truth bombs’ or ‘clobber verses.’

6) “If you use the historic witness of the Church in a sermon, ‘diatribe’ on homosexuality.”

PRI’s view: Until the last few decades it would have been unimaginable and unthinkable that this heinous subset of sexual immorality would be moved from the ‘sin’ category and reclassified into the acceptable ‘diversity’ category!

PRI has questions for Pastor Breen:

  1. Former Pastor of FRC Kevin DeYoung has a book called What does the Bible really teach about Homosexuality Pastor Kevin exemplifies this group you call bigoted and non-thinking. Kevin proves from the scriptures that all the sexually immoral, unless they repent and conform to God’s view on sexual morality, they will not go to heaven, but to hell. Do you believe that?
  2. On page 149-150, Kevin lists the 10 commandments for the Church concerning homosexuality. (#2 and 3 listed below)
    1. We will tell the truth about all sins, including homosexuality, but especially the sins that are most prevalent in our communities
    2. We will guard the truth of God’s word, protect God’s people from error, and confront the world when it tries to press us into its mold

    Pastor Breen, will you agree that the Church is made up of the body of believers, and that both individually and corporately they should shine the light of God’s truth about homosexuality to a lost and dying world?

  3. Before it was removed, FRC had this verse on the side on the First Impact building: “The influence of Godly citizens causes a city to prosper” Ps. 11:11. FRC children and young people are going to a library where they are recently mixing in children’s books promoting what the Bible calls “vile passions, and unnatural desires”.  Do you agree with the other pastors who have publicly spoken? Do you disagree with Kevin DeYoung?
  4. Your Facebook post says that you will not address the library issue! It appears that you either don’t believe that it is a sin to promote this to our FRC children or you fear the world and culture more than you fear God. Please comment.

4. The Bible clearly shows God to be intolerant of sexual immorality, and Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount is so intolerant of even thoughts and desires for sin, He says it is better to gouge out your eye than for your whole body to be thrown into hell.

Do you believe unrepentant sexually immoral persons (homosexual/transgender included) will escape this punishment on judgement day?

5. Heidelberg Catechism 108-109 addresses this subject and says that even desires and thoughts about homosexuality (unchastity) are forbidden. Do you agree?

6. So, if you stand up at a library meeting and object to children’s books that normalize or promote sinful behavior, does that make you a bigot?

If you object to a behavior that leads to a suicide attempt rate 20 times the general population, would that make you hateful?

Wouldn’t that make Jesus Christ a bigot and hateful?

Is it not hateful to promote something that leads to a person’s destruction? Pastor Breen’s words are ‘rail against these persons and then paint some protest signs.’

Almost 3,000 people watched the video of the homosexual/transgender book discussion at the O.C. Library meeting.. is that what you saw…’railing against these persons?’ Every Christian who stood up against these books targeting our kids did it in a sincere and caring way.

You may be right if you say it isn’t quite the same, but look at how Breen would squelch Christians being salt and light. Was there anyone from the biggest church in Orange City — FRC — at that library meeting? Can Breen even name any people from Orange City who ‘rail against homosexual persons’ or make and carry hateful, bigoted protest signs? This is a mischaracterization of the Christians at the library meeting and all others who would shine the light of Biblical truth into our community.

Excerpt from the 10/23/17 sermon “The Cross and the Rainbow”