Chi concerned with Northwestern legal agreement

Dr. Chi has contacted PRI expressing concern about a legal agreement he has with Northwestern that could be at risk due to our simple question. Our article asking the simple question of Northwestern College has thousands of hits already.
Dr. Chi has not had any part in anything PRI has done. He does not know who the five board members of PRI are. Our five board members would put their hand on the Bible and emphatically state that Dr. Chi had absolutely no knowledge of our flyer that went out and has never had any involvement or input into PRI or its content.
It would be an injustice if our simple question led to his legal agreement being in jeopardy.
With all due respect to Dr. Chi, this is no longer about him. This is about our town and our community.
We believe the majority of Orange City would like to know why he is no longer at Northwestern.
If anyone at Northwestern College would care to offer an explanation for why Dr. Chi is no longer at Northwestern, please provide it. If anyone has any information they wish to share, feel free to submit it to us at