Dordt College requires apology from Creation-supporting prof, tight-lipped about LGBTQ promotion

You can view this article from the Dordt Diamond regarding “misuse” of mass email. But note how the Creation-promoting professor was asked to apologize for a Biblical creation conference notice, yet Dordt administration made no apology for the use of the email system to promote LGBTQ interest.

Dordt was very passive about finding out who facilitated the internal breach of their e-mail system to promote something that is an abomination to the Lord. The guilty party was not identified or pursued.

In fact, the article says that “Aaron Baart has also been involved in assisting LGBTQ groups address any questions, thoughts, or concerns they may have.”

In contrast, the college made sure to request that the Creation-promoting professor apologize for providing e-mail notice of a conference promoting biblical creation on this Christian Reformed Church college campus.

Apparently the college is willing to accommodate that which God has condemned, and is unwilling to support and defend that which God has declared concerning His work of creation.