Dordt Dean of Chapel Baart gives ‘thumbs up’ to same-sex wedding

We have already shown how Dordt dean of chapel Aaron Baart would have Christians be at the very front of the gay pride parade, because this “sounds a lot like Jesus.” Dordt president Erik Hoekstra has defended Baart in his advocating for the LGBTQ community, but Hoekstra says Dordt’s dean of chapel (Baart) would never affirm same-sex relationships or same-sex activity.

Not only have we documented Baart’s chapel speech in which he said Christians should be at the front of the gay pride parade, we’ve also documented in how he was instrumental in getting Jen Hatmaker to speak at Dordt. Hatmaker says homosexual relationships can be holy. Baart was also praised by the pro-homosexual advocacy group in 2007 at Dordt.

Now we have found what is the natural consequence of this type of teaching — Baart has openly affirmed homosexuality through same-sex marriage.

Here is a wedding picture of a Dordt graduate. Pictured are two women.

That same picture, which clearly shows this female Dordt graduate with another woman in a wedding photo, is given the thumbs up — or affirmation — of Aaron Baart.

This graduate was a member of OASIS, Dordt’s pro-homosexual student group, which now operates “underground.”

What is President Hoekstra’s response now that Baart has openly affirmed same-sex marriage? Now that Baart has literally given same-sex marriage the “thumbs up?” You can call President Hoekstra and ask him what his defense of Baart is now. Call President Hoekstra at 712-722-6002.