Dordt dean taking hard left turn

Dordt Dean of Chapel Aaron Baart has over 750 Twitter followers, many of these are impressionable Dordt students. Every time Aaron posts something he wants to share as a tweet or retweet it appears on our students smart phones.

If something is retweetedit usually means that Aaron is a follower of the person and has found something he likes enough to share.

Is Aaron sending messages that uphold the conservative Biblical beliefs of their parents and home Churches?

Sadly if you spend time looking at Aaron’s past tweets will you not find many that uphold the conservative Christian view.  Most reflect the liberal christianview that champions the social justice causes of the Democrat party that actually undermine a Biblical position and are especially disparaging of President Trump and Rep. Steve King.

Weve already detailed some of the false teachings that Dordt Dean of Chapel Aaron Baart has espoused on campus. But Baart doesnt stop at attempting to weaken Dordt studentsviews on biblical marriage. He also offers plenty of political sideswipes at the conservative Christians.

Baart openly supports far-left Democrat Scholten for Congress who is pro-illegal immigration, pro-abortion, pro-LGBT, running against conservative Steve King. See here

A frequent Tweeter of just about all things Democrat, Baart has tweeted and retweeted plenty of provocative, Democrat promoting material.

This one hits white peoplewho believe immigrants should come to America legally.

The racism didn’t stop there. Baart shared the idea that Trump’s cabinet is “like a dream team of people who have never heard MLK’s dream.”

Then, shortly after President Donald Trump was elected, Baart retweeted a post with a burning American flag, saying “you can burn a cross and be considered a patriot. But if you burn the flag, you’re a criminal. Welcome to Trump’s America.”

Though there is a clear God-given right to self defense, Aaron Baart has serious problems with gun ownership. Baart retweeted a message seeking a “compelling argument” for guns in America — stating that “not one holds water.”

He celebrated Delta and United for distancing themselves from the NRA.

Baart’s tweets reveal a deep misunderstanding of religious liberty. He says that he’s such a serious Christian, if a homosexual couple asked him to bake them a cake, he’d bake them two.

He has little respect for an “American Christian’s” understanding of what Jesus believed about “violence.”

Then, of course, there is the cartoon of Obama having a drink with Jesus.

When Donald Trump visited Dordt’s campus during his campaign, Baart lamented.

Clearly Trump wasn’t good enough for Baart. But Hillary Clinton must have been.