Dordt President Hoekstra stands behind Aaron Baart’s radical LGBT positions

Erik Hoekstra, Dordt College president, announced in October of 2017 that the Dordt College board of trustees and cabinet level administration exonerated Dean of Chapel Aaron Baart of all 12 false teaching charges. Hoekstra said this in a letter he sent to 56 local CRC pastors that he calls ministry partners. 

This means, according to Dr. Hoekstra’s letter, he, the Dordt board of trustees and cabinet level administration fully stand behind Aaron Baart’s statement that Christians should be at the very front of the gay pride parade.

Other statements from Baart that President Hoekstra stands behind include:

*Jesus didn’t say anything about homosexuality. 

*The Bible may not be finished speaking.

*That Christians could hold any one of six positions— including the position that many sexual variants are valid, same-sex attraction is a created variant as ‘normal’ as heterosexuality, and we can celebrate one’s sexuality as part of just and consensual relationships (not necessarily monogamous or lifelong). 

*Christians shouldn’t break fellowship over issues like this. However, 1 Corinthians 5 explains the exact opposite position.

*Homosexuals are born that way, no fault, no culpability.

*People should think we’re so ridiculously soft on sin it’s not even funny.

All charges are available under the Aaron Baart section of our website. All statements included in the 12 charges series are fully supported by President Hoekstra.