Hills URC, Byl expose Dordt science prof

Dordt College biology professor Tony Jelsma was exposed by Hills United Reformed Church as a teacher of evolution at Reformed colleges. Jelsma, unfortunately, is just one of several people teaching evolution at Reformed colleges.

This is what was written:

“The issue doesn’t affect only Calvin. The Dordt College Biology Dept. employs Prof. Tony Jelsma, who is not shy about promoting views that challenge the historical accuracy of the Genesis accounts. In his defense, Jelsma emphatically denies human evolution. Yet he claims that “the literal six day/twenty-four hour interpretation of Genesis 1 is also incorrect” (Is Creation Science Reformed?, p.1). Along with this, Jelsma asserts that “the Creation Science model of a catastrophic global Flood and flood geology are not in accordance with Scripture” (Letter in Christian Renewal). He advances his views in magazines and on the Internet (www.reformedacademic. blogspot.com) because, “I am genuinely alarmed at the influence that Creation Science has in the conservative Reformed community.”

John Byl has refuted Jelsma in print. His conclusion?

“To sum up, a closer examination of the evidence reveals that both the Reformed view of Scripture and the Reformed tradition on Genesis flatly contradict Dr Jelsma’s rewrite of Genesis.”

Byl did another piece about Jelsma’s false teachings.

Dr Jelsma’s proposal reflects that of Reformed Academic (April 27, 2010):

“…one can hold both that the theory of biological evolution and the text of Genesis 1-2 are true by suspending judgment as to how they fit together.This is the position Dr. Jitse van der Meer takes in “Humankind: The Image of God and Animal Ancestry”.” (see my post Reformed Doublethink) – Jelsma

This is a very convenient stance. It allows one to affirm belief in the Reformed Confessions, including an inerrant Bible, thereby retaining credibility in Reformed circles, while at the same time affirming evolution, thereby gaining credibility in worldly academia.

However, it seems rather disingenuous, to use Dr. Jelsma’s word. How can one genuinely hold two conflicting beliefs? One or the other must ultimately prevail, reducing the other to mere lip-service.

Nor is it Reformed. The Belgic Confession stresses that we are to believe without any doubt all things in the Bible (Art.5) and to reject with all our heart whatever does not agree with it (Art.7).This clearly rules out any “suspension of judgment” between a biblical teaching and its worldly opposite. Remember also the words of Christ, “No man can serve two masters” (Matt. 6:24), and Elijah, “How long will you waver between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow him; but if Baal is God, follow him.” (1 Kings 18:21).”

And now, Jelsma has advanced for heresy about evolution to promoting gender dysphoria. This is what acceptance and promotion of the evolutionary mindset leads to. Jelsma does not belong at a Christian college.

Ask Jelsma to stop encouraging students to doubt Genesis!

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