John Hubers: Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God

John Hubers, Northwestern College World Religion professor, is a enthusiastic Obama supporter, pro-LGBTQ, very anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian. After years of teaching Northwestern students that Muslims are our brothers, he is now in print affirming that Muslims and Christians are worshiping the same God, just different perceptions.

Hubers also rushed to defend a Wheaton professor who was placed on administrative leave for stating that Christians and muslims worship the same God.

John Hubers, assistant professor of religion at Northwestern College, said on Facebook that Hawkins was “in good company” with Martin Luther, Jonathan Edwards and “nearly every evangelical missionary that has ever represented Christ in the Muslim majority world.”

In his academic paper “A God by Any Other Name,” Hubers writes: “It is telling in this sense that strong statements about Christians and Muslims worshipping different gods didn’t become prevalent in Evangelical circles in America until 9/11.”

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