Northwestern College professor of youth ministry defends library’s homosexual/transgender promoting books aimed at Pre-K children

The following is a response to an article written by Jason Lief, a Northwestern College professor of youth ministry.

Jason Lief says: Furthermore, the constitution has built in protections so the majority cannot simply run over the minority. On the one hand, conservatives believe the government shouldn’t be able to force a baker to make cakes for a gay wedding. Why, then, would these same conservatives call for the removal of LGBTQ books from a public library? Doesn’t the same principle apply? If someone won’t bake a cake, find a different baker who will. Or, if you find certain books offensive, don’t check them out.

Jason, there is no conflict here with the conservative or Christian viewpoint. A Jewish baker should not be forced by the government to make a cake for a neo Nazi and a black baker should not be forced by the government to make a cake for a member of the KKK. That is not the government’s role and you are correct, go find a different baker.

On the other hand, the government’s role IS to protect its citizens from harm and it IS the role of citizens to protect themselves and their children from harm. A library that promoted alcoholism, adultery, lying, pedophilia, stealing, child pornography, murder, orgies, and beastiality would be harmful to a community and so is one that promotes transgenderism to children. You can check out the suicide rates online if you are interested. A good government (or Puritan) would be obligated to oppose these books because God calls us to protect others. ‘Love always protects’ as it says in 1 Corinthians 13:7.

Liberals think freedom is engaging in any sin/behavior you want without societal consequences; and love is the approval of the sin. Any attempt to stop someone from destroying themselves is then called hate.

The Christian delights in the law of the Lord (Psalm 1:2) and desires to do God’s will (Psalm 40:8). The sinner delights in darkness – and transgender teaching is darkness. It destroys people and that is not love. Satan hates people because they are made in God’s image and, therefore, his one desire is to destroy people. Do it in the name of freedom and even better.

The Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness rather than the Light because their deeds were evil. Everyone who does evil hates the light and does not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. John 3:19-20

Puritans loved God and His law and lived in the light, public libraries are not to be used to promote darkness, and religious freedom is not the freedom to pursue or promote sin at the expense of others but to worship God who is light, and law, and life.

Question #1 for Jason:  
You have a 12 year old son, it is his birthday, and you want him to have a birthday cake.  The Orange City bakery has a traditional cake section and another section with cakes that have pictures of naked women on them.  Do you make your own cake or do you send him to the bakery and tell him to just not check out the cakes that may be offensive?
Question #2 for Jason:
A Satanist comes into a homosexual bakery and requests that the baker make him a cake portraying human sacrifice on it.  Should that baker be required to make the cake for the Satanist?
A Satanist becomes the librarian at the local library.  According to their spiritual convictions, they bring in a collection of books that portray human sacrifice, rituals for preschoolers, and Satanic oaths and chants to be used on their parents and teachers.  Would you be for or against this?  If against, shouldn’t parents who find these books offensive simply not check them out?  If for, explain why.
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