NWC Philosophy prof pushes evolution

Professor Donald Wacome wrote a paper entitled “Evolution, Foreknowledge and Creation.”

Here is one of the more concise statements of his heretical beliefs:

“When conjoined with other, plausible assumptions, the evolutionary scientific theory of the origin of the human species seems to imply that God did not know exactly what he was doing when he created the universe, and that, even if he is causally responsible for the human species’ existence, he is not its creator in the traditional sense.”

Wacome espouses open theism in his lengthy discourse on evolution and God’s foreknowledge. Here is another quote from his paper:

“The revision in our idea of God as creator suggested in this essay is not deistic and it does not conflict with the idea of imago Dei, but it does require a change in the traditional conception of God’s omniscience. It implies that God had only general knowledge about what sort of creatures his universe was going to contain. Still, it is consistent with the important truth that doctrine articulates. Although God does not know everything about the future, cognitively he is as good as it is possible for anyone to be.”

It doesn’t end there. Here is more of his evolution-promoting ideas:

“Although tied to the real acts of God in the creation of this world, the Genesis creation stories are neither history nor science; they are theology expressed in poetic narrative. It’s relevant to point out that in colloquial English the term ‘literally’ has come to mean ‘really,’ so some hear the statement that these texts are not literally true as equivalent to not really true. On the contrary, they really are true, but figuratively, not literally. To take a figurative text literally is to fail to take it seriously. The not literally true story— the naked man named ‘Man,’ the woman named ‘Woman’ made from his rib, the talking snake, the trees bearing magical fruit— all this asserts the literal theological truth about the God who for our sake created.”

In other words, Wacome is asserting that the events of Genesis did not actually take place — that they are not historical fact. In his estimation, the biblical narrative of creation is merely philosophical talk and figurative speech about a deity who claims to have created the universe.

Wacome is also a big promoter of The Episcopal Church.

Pretty hard to believe. But you can contact him here: