NWC Prof says kids being led astray by creation science books, compares promoting homosexuality/transgenderism to fried-food cookbook

Northwestern professor of biology, Sara Tolsma, provided a two-minute speech during the Orange City Library board meeting regarding children’s books promoting homosexuality and transgenderism. Tolsma compared the books built on sexual immorality to books that describe how to fry food.

”We all have books that we might like to see banned, labled or shelved separately,” Tolsma said. “I’d also like cookbooks with recipes for fried foods (banned, labled or shelved separately) because they’re bad for us. And books on creation science. Some of which are children’s books. I saw too many friends reject their faith and they attributed that rejection directly to the creation science they learned as children.”

One of her points was concerning the Fifty Shades books, which we agree with and believe to be a valid point. Yet then she made a ridiculous comparison between fried food and books promoting homosexuality and transgenderism to children.

Tolsma criticized books on creation science because those books cause children to lose their faith. These books advocate for a historic Adam and Eve that did not result from millions of years of evolution… from star dust to monkeys to man. Sara promotes evolution and, since the books on creation bother her so much and all they do is drive people away from the faith, she is saying it is bad for the children to be taught the view of a real, historic Adam and Eve that we were taught in church and Sunday school. Jesus Christ said, “Have you not read that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female.’” (Matthew 19:4)

She joined other liberals who compared the Biblical concern for sexual purity with things such as Dutch versus English, science fiction books, yogurt and Santa Claus.

If you think these are morally equivalent to teaching children that sexual immorality is good and normal, you are certainly entitled to hold that view, but please do not call that position ‘Christian’ because it is diametrically opposed to what Jesus Christ and the Bible clearly teach.

How are we supposed to have the doctrine of original sin without a historical Adam and Eve like the Bible teaches? Could Dr. Tolsma provide us with a title of a book on creation science aimed at children that would cause people to lose their Christian faith?