NWC prof Van Es, Sioux County Democrats introduce Planned Parenthood to Orange City

Kim Van Es, the chair of the Sioux County Democrats, facilitated a discussion promoting Planned Parenthood in Orange City in early 2017. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in America.

The public relations manager for Planned Parenthood Voters of Iowa told those in attendance that she “didn’t even know there was an Orange City.”

Another representative of Planned Parenthood of Iowa Voters noted that they help with education. And that ‘education’ begins at the age of three.

One attendee asked why education begins at that young of an age if the focus of the abortion provider is reproductive health.

The speakers criticized Iowa legislators who, at the time, were working to cut funding to the abortion provider. The legislature would indeed eventually cut most state funding to abortion providers.

As of October, 2016, it was estimated Planned Parenthood had ended the lives of about 6,803,782  babies.

To put that number in perspective, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the combined populations of Los Angeles and Chicago in 2015 was 6,692,379.