NWC professor requires students to publicly ‘break social norms’

We’ve already told you about Northwestern professor Scott Monsma’s support for redefining and further perverting marriage.

Here’s what we also know about Monsma, who Northwestern College describes as “a champion of social justice.” Monsma received a Teaching Excellence Award from Northwestern in 2014. Remember, it was in the spring of 2014 that Monsma wrote his paper “ReDefining Marriage: Changes and Challenges.”

Northwestern College really gave an award for teaching excellence to a professor who wrote:

“Cross-cultural and historical evidence suggests that there is no empirical support for a single definition of marriage.”

Anyway, here is additional information about Monsma, the “social justice champion.”

*Monsma, along with professor Mitch Kinsinger, attended Room For All’s pro-homosexuality meeting in Orange City a few years ago. According to reports, Monsma declared he thought homosexuals should be afforded legal status for marriage. He based his support for that on his dad not being able to go into the ER with his mom.

*The following is taken directly off Monsma’s gender course syllabus:

“What It Means to be Gendered Me: (40% of the paper grade) The student(s) will write a paper exploring their understanding of their own gender. What does it mean for them to be this gender? How has being this gender shaped their life and identity? In this paper ensure that you address these questions by examining three or four different specific topics or ideas.”

“My Gender Then and Now: (60% of the paper grade) Students will read over their reflection paper ‘What It Means to be Gendered Me.’ The student(s) will write a paper which reflects on how their perspective has changed or not changed during the course of the class. What does it now mean for them to be their gender? How has the class influenced or changed their view? At the end of the class, how do they believe that gender will shape their life from this point forward? In this paper make sure to address four different issues and to cite and incorporate specific references relating to topics, ideas, or articles discussed during the class.”

*The following was taken directly from Monsma’s deviance course syllabus:

“In this course we are going to explore a number of questions about the boundaries of acceptability within societies. Instead of just taking such boundaries for granted, we will look at how the creation of normality and deviance is a process of social construction. We will examine how society can influence or constrain people to live within or outside of the socially constructed boundaries. And as we explore this subject we will be challenged to reexamine our own understandings of what is deviant and what is normal, to reflect on how definitions of deviance shape our identities and values, and to wrestle with how definitions of deviance and attempts at social control affect others.”
In the next two paragraphs, Monsma instructs his students to misbehave; in other words, to commit a trespass against God.

“Reflection Paper: Breaking a social norm. Each student is assigned the task of publicly breaking a social norm. The social norm must be broken after this project is assigned and at least two other people who are unaware of this class assignment must witness the breaking of the social norm. In a the paper the student(s) will 1) discuss the social norm which was broken; 2) will discuss the reactions of those who witnessed the event; 3) discuss how the norm breaking project helps in the understanding and answering two of the course objective questions (choosing from numbers 1, 2, and/or 3).”

“Note the following guidelines: This project cannot be done on campus – it must be done in an off campus setting. The social norm which is broken cannot be any action which would break any law or involve the use of a motorized vehicle. The breaking of a social norm cannot be any action which can potentially lead to any harm (for example to the student, bystanders, or property). Students who cross these boundaries will at a minimum fail this assignment, and if the transgression is serious enough it will be discussed with the dean and potentially lead to failing the course. Students are therefore strongly encouraged to discuss the norm they wish to break with the instructor. ”

This professor was given Northwestern’s Teaching Excellence Award in 2014. Outrageous! He should have been terminated for this abuse of his teaching position. This is not Christian College curriculum. This is not education at all.

If you want to contact Monsma and express your concern, you can do so here: