OC Library Board relies on LGBT activist for decision… on LGBT materials

Dan Chibnall, the president-elect of the Iowa Library Association, was the main point of contact when it came to the petition regarding materials that promote homosexuality and transgenderism to children. The Iowa Library Association was used as a credible source of information and for its advice by the Orange City Library Board. The Iowa Library Association was referenced over and over again at the March board meeting.

In fact, according to the Sioux City Journal, the Orange City Library officials were “working with the Iowa Library Association to work toward a solution” in late February.

And of course, the Iowa Library Association is headed up by an LGBT activist, Dan Chibnall.

This is one of Chibnall’s pictures from Facebook, where he proudly promoted his “LGBT pride.” Yet Chibnall’s pride is never cited in any of these stories where he discusses the possible solutions for the children’s books promoting homosexuality and transgenderism. Chibnall clearly has self-evident bias.