OC Pride product of NWC?

This was done as a post by “Sioux County Conservatives.” We are reposting and including new information.
If Northwestern College didn’t exist, would OC Pride be happening?

Take a look at OC Pride and consider the following facts:

*3 of the 4 organizers attended NWC.

*OC Pride’s foundations were laid at NWC, according to the founders and the Sioux City Journal.

*NWC professor Kim Van Es’s husband, Dr. Jerry Van Es (Sioux Center medical doctor), is helping sponsor the event.

*Former NWC Vice President of Academic Affairs, Harold Heie, is playing a part in the weekend.

*Jeremy Bork is leading an “inclusive” church service at Town Square Coffee House on Sunday. Bork is a graduate of…. NWC.

*Room For All is a major sponsor. RFA visited Orange City and thanked NWC professors for bringing them into town. RFA is part of the RCA community and a co-sponsor of the event, giving it a “Christian basis.”

*NWC’s student newspaper just had a front page story of Steve Mahr wearing an OC Pride shirt.

*NWC assistant football coach John Fernstrum spoke up in defense of children’s books promoting homosexuality and transgenderism in the OC Library.

*NWC professor Sara Tolsma also spoke in defense of those books. She compared those books to fried-food cookbooks and expressed concern about books in the library that promote a biblical account of creation because they’ve caused people to leave the faith. (https://reformationiowa.com/nwc-prof-says-kids-being-led-a…/)

*NWC professor Scott Monsma showed students a film called “For the Bible Tells Me So,” which is pro-gay marriage. Monsma also gave a pro-gay marriage chapel. (https://reformationiowa.com/quotes-from-professor-scott-mo…/)

*We at PRI would add that LEAP is also a sponsor of OC Pride. LEAP stands for Love, Education, Acceptance and Pride. It is a group that began at NWC and has been there for years. They’ve had speakers on NWC’s campus in chapel like Jeremy Bork promoting this!

*We also add NWC former chaplain Harlan Van Oort was featured in the RFA newsletter for his support at NWC.

*Have you heard any official statement from NWC about all their employees and graduates who are organizing and leading OC Pride?

Bible-believing Christians are keeping their heads low so they don’t end up like Dr. Chi, who is suddenly no longer at NWC. Obviously they believe their hands are tied from stopping this pro-homosexual, pro-transgender group that is promoting this.

So, ask yourself once more — if NWC did not exist and was not in Orange City, would there be OC Pride?