Orange City Library wants our kids to be like Bruce Jenner

The news coverage of the March 20th O.C. library board meeting would have you believe progress is being made toward labeling and having separate shelving for the large new group of LGBT promoting books.

The library board spent much of the 60+ minute meeting discussing the bisac system, which labels books by category instead of authors last name. Unfortunately, the labels won’t accomplish the purpose of the petition hundreds signed before it was taken down.

The KTIV article quotes O.C. librarian Amanda Vasquez:

In terms of the challenged book, “Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress,” right now it is placed on the shelf under fiction for K-12, and placed in its spot based on the authors last name.

“Whereas if we were to go with the bisac heading, then it would fall under “juvenile fiction, social themes, self-esteem, and self-reliance,” adds Vazquez.

What good is it to have misleading labels? What would they label a XXX movie? “Adult fiction”, “Biological themes”, “Self-gratification?” The people who signed the petition wanted the library to simply put a sticker on the books saying LGBT book’ and place them on an upper shelf with a little sign that says LGBT promoting books/movies. This way, parents know exactly what they are getting instead of being deceived by a benign bisac heading.

The library board had no discussion on the merits of retaining a children’s book normalizing the transgender agenda. Not a single question from the board about the 42% attempted suicide rate in this group. Why in the world would there be no discussion?

Is this happening in Orange City or is this an alternate reality where those promoting this are from a different planet? Let’s stand up and applaud Bruce Jenner because he cut off his manly parts, got breast implants, and wears a dress! Now lets use our tax dollars to indoctrinate our kids so they can be like Bruce! News flash for those pushing this destructive agenda: Bruce Jenner is a pathetic, selfmutilated man. Yes, he is still a man, and all the radical autonomy and applause from the sexual revolutionaries won’t change that fact.

Orange City’s good name and reputation are at risk here; as well as real people’s lives and souls.  We are not against diversity and we are not haters; we desire what is best for our children and that is the true definition of love.  Applauding Bruce Jenner’s godless and destructive psychopathology and promoting it to our children, on the other hand, is the opposite of love.  

Wouldn’t it make sense to have a library board that was elected by the citizens of Orange City instead of one that is appointed and self-governing?  Let each candidate state whether they affirm homosexual and transgender books for children and approve of a lifestyle that has a 42% increase in suicide attempts. Or, let them affirm the truth given in scripture that at the beginning, God made them male and female, that God’s plan for mankind is holiness, and that righteousness exalts a nation (and a city) but sin is a disgrace to any people.