Orange City Pastors take a Public Biblical Stand

Orange City Pastors Ryan Perz (Cornerstone Baptist), Sacha Walicord (Grace Reformed Presbyterian Church) and John Klompien (Calvary CRC) have taken a Biblical stand concerning the books in the Orange City public library promoting or normalizing transgenderism/homosexuality.

If you know these three men, then you know they don’t look for trouble, controversy, or fanfare; but week after week they faithfully preach God’s word from their pulpits. Their congregations are not going along with the culture with its sexual revolution… now turned transgender/homosexual revolution.

They are good shepherds, brave and strong to fight off the wolves who would harm the sheep. They are bold enough to be salt and light in dark places and an excellent example to the Christians in their congregations and in this community.

LGBTQ is an unpleasant subject to be sure, but one that is being foisted upon us by the culture and the unbiblical liberal ‘church’. These pastors see a concerted effort to target our youth with harmful lies. They would surely speak up as well if there were books promoting pornography, adultery, or pedophilia to our impressionable youth. They understand how a free society works but promoting what is sinful only leads to bondage… not freedom.

If you think they are “Haters, Bigots, or Homophobes” you would be 180 degrees off. They welcome all into their churches and they love them enough to tell them the Truth… the Gospel Truth! They are very “inclusive” in their gospel message…..ALL of us are sinners and ALL of us need to repent! What about “Diversity”? Black and white, old and young, rich and poor – we are all sinners but the mark of a true Christian is repentance, saving faith, and being born again. When we receive the Holy Spirit at the new birth, our minds and hearts are renewed so that even our desires for sin can be taken captive to God’s word. We can have victory over sin not only in the act but also at the level of our thoughts and desires for things such as pornography, fornication, adultery, homosexuality, pedophilia….etc. This is true freedom. As Pastor Klompien said to the Sioux Falls TV reporter “ and that is what some of you were… but you were washed…1 Corinthians 6:9-11

You can see the public statements here:

Rev. Walicord: “I don’t think it [the petition] is only justified, but also demanded from a Christian perspective. As Christians, we have to stand up to sinful behavior, but it’s also important to avoid hypocrisy and address sin among our own.” (Dordt Diamond, Feb. 28, 2018)

“As a congregation, I would have to say we are shocked that tax money is being used to push this agenda even further. As pastors, we have been silent for far too long. We have rolled over for far too long. This ends now.” (OC Library Board Meeting, Feb. 20, 2018)

Pastor Perz: “I supported the petition. A lot of my church people had signed it. Just concerned with some of the moral direction that the community has been going in.” (KCAU-TV, Feb. 22, 2018)

See his article about the Nashville Statement here

Pastor Klompien: “The concern that I have is a book like [Two] ‘Boys Kissing,’ which has been brought to this library, is just as out of place and dangerous and getting away from the new life as a book like, ‘Girls Getting Drunk.’” (KSFY, Feb. 21, 2018)