Orange City Library petition

To sign the petition, please visit the link below. This petition, which Progressive Reformation Iowa believes is a good start to addressing this issue, originated from a Northwestern College professor. Progressive Reformation Iowa would call on the Orange City City Council to call for the activist library director to step down from her position.


“We, the undersigned, call on the Orange City public library (OCPL) staff, board of trustees, and Orange City council members to support the Christian values of the majority of the city residents through material acquisitions that are consistent with these values.

We urge the staff, board members, and council members to: (1) approve the labeling and separate shelving of (168 print, audiovisual, or online sources as of December 2017) materials that deal primarily with homosexual/transgender issues so patrons and parents can be fully informed and exercise discretion when selecting library materials to check out for themselves or their family, (2) provide on each computer terminal and online interface book rating services (e.g., so each patron can make a conscious and informed decision about the materials to be checked out, and (3) halt new acquisition of any additional materials that primarily deal with homosexual/transgender materials before a public discussion can be held about the acquisition so valuable feedback can be given by important stakeholders such as parents, teachers, and faith communities.”

Link to read and sign petition