PRI invites Hoekstra, Baart, Dordt board to respond to PRI Challenge

PRI has learned from one of our five board members that Dordt is telling callers concerned about Aaron Baart’s unbiblical promotion of LGBT that Baart is being taken out of context. This matches with what president Erik Hoekstra has said in the past. Hoekstra has claimed Baart is being taken out of context and that Dordt should simply be given the benefit of the doubt.

Dordt has not offered any responses that include Scripture or teachings from the Reformed confessions to defend Aaron Baart’s pro-LGBT statements.

PRI is introducing the PRI Challenge. This challenge is open to Dordt president Erik Hoekstra, the Dordt board, the Dordt leadership council, and Aaron Baart himself. Although Aaron was given an opportunity before the charges were made public to explain or refute them, we will still accept his responses now.

PRI is submitting a list of questions. Should any of the people mentioned above send us answers, we will publish the unedited answers.

Questions about Aaron Baart’s statements:

*Please provide the proper context for saying it’s actually a Christian position that same-sex attraction is a created variant as ‘normal’ as heterosexuality, that Christian sexual relationships are not necessarily monogamous or lifelong, and that sexual orientation is an expression of creation variety:

*Please provide the proper context for stating: Christians marching at the front of the gay pride parade sounds a lot like Jesus:

*Please provide the proper context for stating: “Christians shouldn’t break fellowship over issues like homosexuality” please include 1 Corinthians 5:

*Please provide the proper context for Baart saying “there is no fault or culpability because homosexuals are born that way.” Please include Article 15 of the Belgic Confession in your response:

*Please provide the proper context for saying “inspiration doesn’t mean God is finished speaking…that there is a possibility that we don’t stand under the authority of Scripture…we may not understand what the Bible really says about homosexuality…because the kingdom is still coming”:

*What is the proper context for saying “Jesus never spoke about homosexuality (Jesus was sent to the lost sheep of Israel and this particular sin was not a problem among the Jews, it was brought up specifically by the Apostle Paul because homosexuality was a problem amongst the Gentiles):

*Please provide the proper context for suggesting Jesus would have to establish a relationship in order to earn the right to speak: 

*Did Aaron Baart give a thumbs up to a Dordt graduate’s same-sex wedding picture? What would be the proper context for giving a public thumbs up to a same-sex wedding picture if we are not affirming homosexuality?

*Did Aaron Baart, and his wife Nicole, help organize the event with pro-LGBT speaker, Jen Hatmaker? Hatmaker has stated homosexual relationships can be holy. Did Hatmaker thank Aaron and Nicole for bringing her to Dordt’s campus?

*Did Aaron Baart tweet that he considers himself a very, very serious follower of Jesus, so if a gay couple asked him to bake them a cake, he’d bake them two?

*Was Baart praised by the equality riders, LGBT advocates, in 2007? 

Should Hoekstra, the Dordt board, or the leadership council submit a full response to all of the above questions, we will gladly publish their full, unedited answers. Since Hoekstra and the Dordt Board of Trustees exonerated Aaron of all charges, this should not prove to be too difficult.

PRI has five board members. Our board members all go to a different church. Our board includes people from states other than Iowa. When a person or a group is raising issues with a powerful person or institution, those persons or those institutions attack the messengers when they cannot refute the facts. For this reason we do not name the sources for our stories or list authors for our stories.

We do not want to experience the persecution that is increasingly coming on people in academics and in private life who are showing the courage to stand up against such homosexual fascists.