Recent NWC Alumnus: Stop the False Advertising

Northwestern College was an institution that I was led to believe was superior to all other colleges. My mother, grandparents and many relatives all attended.  It was presented to me as a place where they got a great education and, more importantly, grew closer to the Lord and gained a firm understanding of the Word.

However, attending Northwestern was lackluster and underwhelming for someone who was blessed to be born in a family where God was a fixture of the home. There was not a day that we, my family, did not delve in His Word, so I felt adequately prepared to go somewhere that I expected to foster my own understanding and grow upon the Biblical foundation I was given.

For a student hoping to grow as a Christian woman and take ownership of my faith I felt personally let down and frustrated at NWC, where there were no convicting or challenging messages during chapels or in the required Bible courses. From the first year Bible course, I was led to believe that God may not have pre-destined everything through His sovereignty and omnipotence. Instead free will was taught, which goes against reformed teaching and Ephesians 1:4-5:

Even as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and blameless before him. In love he predestined us for adoption as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will.

This same NWC professor went on to talk about the formation of all religions, placing them on an equal footing, but never brought it back to why Christianity was true and right! With the teaching I received it felt like I was in a class and at a college that was half-Christian, which is more dangerous to my faith than being taught by atheists.

The reason an atheist is less scary than someone who claims to be a Christian is that you expect them to believe in nothing; whereas I expected to be taught by Biblically based Christian professors. However, these professors that claim they are Christians yet support the formation of an LGBTQ group on campus are terrifying. They are vocal about how being gay is okayand that the Old Testament does not apply in these times. To openly criticize the Word of God and to believe that they are still Christians astounded me.  Sadly, at Northwestern the homosexual students were supported and praised through articles in The Beacon, the campus newspaper, for the positive work they were doing within the campus and for becoming an open-minded generation. This generation at NWC is the future, and if these are the Christians we have in the future, I fear for the generations to come.

This is not a platform for me to say that everyone and everything was heretical. There are still a number of great students and faculty holding true to Gods Word. Some of those solid Christians did live up to the community standard of what I believed Orange City and NWC were supposed to be. Nevertheless, despite the good that was there, there was an equal, if not greater opposing force.

As an alumnus, if I were to ask NWC for anything it would be this:  Stop the false advertising! Do not falsely lead others to believe they are getting a Christian education when you could get the same environment and education at a public university for half the price and less confusion.