Redeemer URC Members Advance Transgender Agenda in Orange City

O.C. Pride Festival, new homosexual/transgender library books targeting our children, NWC and Dordt pushing evolution and the LGBT agenda…. Is Redeemer URC concerned about being salt and light in their community?

Although we have heard no public statements from Pastor De Rooy on behalf of the elders of Redeemer URC, we have heard from two of their members.

Brent Philipsen is an O.C. Library board member and a covenant foundation board member at Orange City Christian School (OCCS).

At the Tuesday, March 20th O.C. Library board meeting Brent gave his unqualified endorsement of the transgender-promoting book, “Morris Mickelwhite and his Tangerine Dress.” By casting his vote with the liberal activists from the RCA on the library board, he showed he would not stand up for Biblical morals, the vast majority of the community, or stand against the significant health risks associated with transgenderism, such as a 42% attempted suicide rate. Local PhD expresses concern

You would think that even if his moral compass was not working he would at least concede that the data for the associated risk of promoting transgenderism would cause him to vote against keeping this book targeting 5 year-olds.

Questions for Brent Philipsen:

Are the people at Redeemer URC taught to give more credence to the liberal American Library Association (ALA)** or to Biblical teaching?  Aren’t the OC Library board members supposed to represent their constituents, the Orange City residents, since that is where the funding comes from? Since the library’s association with the ALA is voluntary, and the ALA provides no funding, why are you supporting their liberal LGBT inclusion agenda over the beliefs of your community and your church?

Are any of the 5 year-old boys at Redeemer or OCCS getting their fingernails painted and repeatedly showing up to church or school wearing big bright colored dresses? By your vote we would assume you would affirm this behavior, would you?

As a member of the Orange City Christian School Board (OCCS), would you vote to have these books in your school library? Or would there be some moral relativism; wrong for your library, but fine for the rest of the kids to go along with transgender normalization?

Another URC member Randall Jacobsma, who was president of the Unity Christian High School (UCHS) Board of Directors, in his cover letter to all the Unity Parents, states that the new Homosexuality Position Statement is Biblical. (Sexual Orientation Position Statement) In this document that Randy commends as Biblical, it states: “All of us in the Unity family…..struggle with our own sexual identity.”

This document provides an open door for transgender/homosexual groups to form at UCHS… please see related story here.

PRI Questions for Randy:

By definition, gender dysphoria is based on a struggle with sexual identity. What level of sexual identity does the writer of the position statement struggle with?  Who contributed these words to the position statement?

Since you state this is a Biblical document, where in the Bible does it say that we all struggle with our sexual identity?

The UCHS homosexual orientation position statement calls only the practice sin, but not the underlying desires for same sex sexual activity. Can you show us from the Bible any examples where only the practice is a sin but the heart’s desires leading to that practice are not?

Is it your position alone (and likely Brent Philipsen’s position) that homosexual and transgender desires (orientation) are not a sin, or is this the position of Pastor De Rooy and elders of Redeemer URC?

Other Redeemer members have told us that Pastor De Rooy and the elders are solidly Biblical and believe Romans 1:26; that these lusts or desires precede the action and are also sinful.

Romans 1:26 says, “Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones.”

Then how do these elders not hold Philipsen and Jacobsma to account for their dangerous actions against God and the children and young people of Orange City?  Ask their elders. They are listed here.

Who were the 3 lawyers who reviewed this document? Was Jared Weber one of them?

**ALA is pushing the LGBT agenda under the guise of diversity and “anti-bullying” American Library Association’s Not-So-Hidden Gay Agenda.

The ALA is a liberal organization that relentlessly pursues a homosexual agenda, and it relies heavily on “authentic literature” to drive that agenda.

American Library Association » Americans for Truth…and…/american-library-association/

Contrast this with the politically correct, pro-homosexual American Library Association, which, as part of its liberal agenda, attempts to block web filters and other attempts to limit adults — some of them predatory — from using public library computers to access pornography. – Peter LaBarbera. Family Friendly Libraries News …

More than a dozen high school libraries rejected over 100 books that featured conservative perspectives on homosexuality, which were offered by the Colorado-based Focus on the Family. The books were meant to balance the overabundance of pro-gay literature on library shelves today. Some of the titles included “Marriage on Trial: The Case Against Same-sex Marriage” and “My Genes Made Me Do It! A Scientific Look at Sexual Orientation” – which argues that choice, not just biology, determines your sexuality.