Send kids to Dordt so the most basic of Christian doctrines can be corrupted!

In this essay a Dordt student, Lydia Marcus, writes about how she had believed in young-earth Creationism for most of her life. And that learning about evolution almost felt sinful.

But that’s what happened to her at Dordt College.

“Early in the course, it became clear that zoology is deeply intertwined with the theory of evolution,” she wrote. “I had not learned about evolution in school, and I hadn’t expected to study it at the Christian college I attend.”

Her professor, she wrote, “carefully presented different perspectives on creation.”

Marcus wrote, “According to an evolutionary time scale, God spent a significant amount of time creating things before he created humanity. When confronted with billions of years of creative activity, I realized that God is much bigger than I’d acknowledged.”

Marcus asked her professor for advice. The Dordt College professor arranged meetings with faculty members to discuss a “Christian” approach to evolutionary psychology.

“The professor didn’t provide the answers to all my questions about human evolution, but they did teach me that it is good to wrestle with these difficult issues.”

She finished by saying she didn’t know how God might have used evolution to create the universe, how He created humankind in His image and how the theory of evolution relates to a Christian understanding of original sin.

Of course she doesn’t.

And she has Dordt College to thank for it.