Speaker denies truths in Genesis

Dr. Leslie Wickman recently spoke to students at Western Christian High School, one of which was our child.  There has been some concern regarding the appropriateness of this invitation.  The Western administration responded to these concerns with an email even before the speech, saying Dr. Wickman held the same view as some in the churches and that it was balanced by a previous speech by Dr. Terry Mortenson, a scientist and Biblical creationist.  

Dr. Wickman is a scientist, ordained minister, professor at Azusa Pacific, and author of a book that discusses the interaction of faith and science. She is also associated with BioLogos, a group of scientists who claim to be Christian but promote evolution, no Adam and Eve, no world-wide flood, and interpreting the Bible by ‘science’. This results in the first eleven chapters of Genesis being declared myth instead of history; containing spiritual truths but not absolute truth.  Miracles are viewed with skepticism and given materialistic explanations.  This disregard for the Bible as absolute truth is the main objection to her speaking to the students at Western.  

In Dr. Wickman’s book, she criticizes ‘fundamentalists’ on each side; atheist scientists who deny Scripture and ‘Bible thumpers’ who deny science entirely. She recommends a middle position that accepts both science and Scripture.  This position is, of course, already held by Bible believing Christians and always has been; but the new idea is that God’s creation is all one needs to understand God – without need of language or interpreter.  She emphasized that God’s power and glory can be seen in his creation but she did appear to tailor her presentation and responses to the local audience and sought to avoid controversial topics. She also presented ‘scientific’ reinterpretations of Scripture as being possible alternatives to what the Bible tells us happened.  

Believing that general revelation and ‘science’ can reinterpret a Bible that has been misinterpreted for millennia by the unenlightened has two problems. First, Romans 1 teaches that God’s creation is speaking to men – not science.  Unregenerate mankind sees God in creation, but only to the extent that he is left without excuse for sinning against God.  It is through God’s written Word that we specifically know:

  1. God created all things from nothing
  2. Original sin and how the headship of Adam and the second Adam, Christ Jesus, came to be and how we are saved from our sins
  3. Death is God’s punishment for sin (no death before the fall)
  4. God does miracles (not by using quantum mechanics)
  5. God is sovereign over history and election/salvation
  6. We come to God only through Christ (both in Old and New Testament Church
  7. What marriage is and where it originated
  8. Morality
  9. God’s judgment and eternal punishment for sin

Second, God speaks his word to us in the Bible, not through general revelation.  There is no conflict between science and his word since virtually all the great fathers of science were creationists. God never intended men of any age to reinterpret his absolute truth if they find something outdated or in conflict with their ‘truth’ as defined by the culture.  Those who give equal authority to ‘science’ and Scripture rarely change their theories to fit Scripture but change Holy Scripture to fit their theories.  Once you say Genesis is not absolute truth, every truth in Scripture can be reinterpreted or explained away; resulting in women office bearers, theistic evolution, lust, sodomy, and sexual sins of all kinds being excused, and the inability of churches to discipline their members and leaders.

The battle for the truth of God’s Word has been carried to Sioux County as never before. We have people in our community who say they are Christian but promote things which are clearly condemned in the Bible.  It is time for the church to declare God’s truth and to show why those who oppose it are disobedient, unfaithful, and unbelieving.  We owe this to the Lord, our children, and those who walk in darkness.