Trio of NWC professors cast off teachings of God

Read this piece first.

All three of these professors at Northwestern College suggest that homosexual, bisexual, transgenderism and the like are all a part of God’s original intention for the natural world. They reach this incorrect conclusion because they fail to recognize that they are looking at a fallen creation, not the perfect creation that God made in the beginning. Secondly, they fail to understand that we are not to look to the natural creation for our standard of moral conduct.

Obviously, these three women have cast off the teachings of God, and are leaning to their own understanding. It is God who has set the standard of moral conduct, which is based on His holy character, and He has commanded that mankind follow that standard of moral conduct. Tolsma, Furlong, and Heeg do not understand what they are looking at and they are drawing an incorrect conclusion.

For example: some animals eat their young, or they attack other animals and eat them while they are still alive, so do we conclude that it is permitted for man to do the same?

These NWC profs are upset because of the following statement:

“This year, H.R. 2796 Civil Rights Uniformity Act of 2017 was introduced. This piece of legislation requires the words “man” or “woman” to be interpreted to refer exclusively to a person’s genetic sex for purposes determining the meaning of federal civil rights laws or related federal administrative agency regulations or guidance.”
In their thinly veiled effort to side with the gender confused and perverted, they site rare genetic disorders that are a result of the Fall after sin entered the world. Instead of citing the the passages such as “God created them male and female,” they twist the scriptures to make it appear that God would condone this sexual confusion.
Then they misapply the Belgic Confession:
“Second, God makes himself known to us more clearly by His holy and divine Word, as much as we need in this life, for God’s glory and for our salvation.”
They falsely limit God’s word, special revelation, and consign it only to matters of salvation. They fail to see how Jesus himself applied God’s word to much more than salvation….. “Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God!  Also in the confessions it says that “God’s word it clear infallible and sufficient, all that is needed for life and godliness.”

Because of their incorrect stand on this subject, these three women should not be teaching at a Christian college.

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